How to import and transfer emails from a Gmail account to another one

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gmailIf you are a greedy person and you have got a couple or even more Gmail accounts, sooner or later you might wish to import and transfer all the emails you have got on your old Gmail mailbox you don’t use anymore to another one. If you think that this task is not feasible, well, you have to know that Google has added to its Gmail accounts a nice feature letting you import all the emails to another Gmail in a matter of minutes! Here is how.

  1. Login to your old Gmail account you wish to transfer all your emails from.
  2. Click Setting.
  3. Now, click  Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  4. Under the POP download section, click Enable POP from all mail.
  5. Click the Save Changes button.
  6. Login to your Gmail account you wish to import and transfer your emails to.
  7. Click Setting.
  8. Click Accounts.
  9. Under the Get mails from other accounts section, click Add a mail account you own.
  10. A pop-up window should appear. Type the address of your old Gmail account and click the Next Step button.
  11. Now, type the old Gmail’s password.
  12. Select Pop.gmail.com at POP server.
  13. Click the Add Account button.
  14. At this point your Gmail will ask you if you wish to get all the emails from the old Gmail account.
  15. Tick Yes.
  16. Click Next Step button to proceed.
  17. Click the Send Verification button and your Gmail account will send a verification code to  your old Gmail account.
  18. Go to your old Gmail account, copy the verification code and paste it to the text box, then click Verify button.
  19. Done!

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