How to add Control Panel on the taskbar in Windows 7

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windows 7This is not the first time I speak about issues related to the taskbar in Windows 7. You might want to read this article of mine on how to add the recycle bin on the taskbar. As a matter of fact, if a user right-click  the Control Panel icon located on the Start Menu, he will get the nasty surprise that there is not any  “Pin To Taskbar” option in the contextual menu. Plus, the famous drag-and-drop won’t work in this case. If you want badly pin and add the Control Panel icon on the taskbar of your Windows 7 operating system, just follow this trick.

  1. Launch the Control Panel.
  2. You should be able to see a button on the Windows 7  taskbar.
  3. Right click on the Control Panel icon on the Task Bar, and  select Pin this program to taskbar option.
  4. Now, close the Control Panel.
  5. A new Control Panel button should be pinned to your taskbar.
  6. Oh well, that’s it!

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