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Kodak has recently released its new digital frame called EasyShare S730. Nothing exciting about it to tell you the truth but if you are looking for a cheap digital frame doing the job properly, Kodak EasyShare S730 is your best bet. It measures 7-inches, 1GB of memory, USB port and it is able to play music as well as videos. It’ll be available in the U.S. in September for $139.

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2 Comments to “Kodak EasyShare S730”

  1. Jan Says:

    I imported my pics to Kodak Easy Share but didn’t receive them because of Google Chrome. Has anyone had this problem? The pics transfered but I can’t find them.

  2. Dennis F. Says:

    There is one other feature you left out: it has a rechargeable battery! There will be a carrying case available for another $20 — but why charge extra except to increase the price of the product is beyond me. Unless it is top grained leather, bundle it with the product and charge 3 bucks more. Actually looks like a winner.

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