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A couple of days ago I was contacted by the guys from Microsoft asking me to talk about their latest, interesting ISV compatibility test for Windows 7. The idea behind this product is to give companies producing software a chance to be ahead of their competitors and get the green light directly from Microsoft by producing software and applications compatible with the next Microsoft operating system, Windows 7. Basically, Microsoft wants to give companies which produce applications the ability to check the compatibility before these technologies are released to the market. The purpose of the program is to lessen incompatibility problems that final users who make the transition may face.

Getting the green light is quite easy, all you have to do is  signup the program. Right after that you will have to submit your applications to the program. This will give Microsoft a chance to track your progress. Depending on your work you will be redirected to the proper resources depending if your applications are compatible or not.

If you are a software producer and want to be sure that your applications will be fully compatible and ready for Windows 7, go to isvappcompat.com and sign up the program right away. Be smart, be ahead of your competitors, get the green light from Microsoft!

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One Comment to “Windows 7 ISV Compatibility Test”

  1. Dennis F. Says:

    They didn’t make their software and drivers compatible with Vista, why should they do so for Windows 7? Any incentive? Do they get a little sticker for the box or what? Do I sound bitter? Yep. I am going to look long and hard before I buy HP again. They wouldn’t issue new drivers for one of their best selling all-in-ones of all time. The work around for scanning? Scan into Paint! (Look this up. 100% true.) There are currently 5 HP computers in the house.. Any more desktops will be home made. Laptops – undecided.

    I really hope that vendors take advange of this though. Maybe MS will get a better system out of W 7 – and so will the consumer.

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