How to copy and paste multiple times

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As you know, a couple of the most used features in Microsoft operating system are the famous CTRL + C and CTRL + V commands. With CTRL + C you can copy any text you wish. With CTRL + V you can paste the text you just copied in the Notepad, for example . The great limit of this feature is that you can copy text in the clipboard just once. In fact, if you try to copy more text, the first one you copied will be simply overwritten. Break the limit of Windows copy and paste commands thanks to this little, freeware utility letting you save text in clipboard up to 11 times!

CopyPasteTool is a free, simple tool. It is so simple that it doesn’t come with any interface, so that you won’t have anything to setup. Once you install it, it will just sit in the system tray letting users to copy and paste text and data up to 11 times! Reading from the website: “This small tool allows to save several values of text in clipboard and paste them. Use standard keys for copying (CTRL+C) and pasting (CTRL+V) as usual, but if you want to paste previous text in clipboard then simply press V again and don’t release CTRL. It’s free.”

If you want to download it, click here.

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