How to turn off Aero Snap in Windows 7

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windows 7One of the most thrilling features in Windows 7, apart from the Aero theme, is without any doubt  the Aero Snap feature. Such a feature greatly optimize the way windows on the desktop are managed. As a matter of fact, Aero Snap lets you drag a window on  top of the screen to maximize it, automatically. It also lets you drag a window to the left or right side of the screen to resize it, automatically. As you see Aero Snap is a really time-saving  and click-saving feature! Anyway, some users may find it a little tight, useless or even bothering for their specific needs. Above all for those users who need to drag windows to the edge of the desktop to work with other applications. Let’s see how you can turn off and disable the Aero Snap feature in Windows 7 .

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Click Ease of Access link or Ease of Access Center icon.
  4. Select Change how your mouse works or Make the mouse easier to use option.
  5. Now, under Make it easier to manage windows tick the check box  Prevent Windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen.
  6. Click OK for the change to take effect.

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