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Let’s say it clear. Most of us have got a Google account and use  at least one of the many Google services available. Gmails, Google Picasa, Google documents, Google maps and yes, even YouTube belongs to Google! Most of the time we use such services without reading any instruction, not even a single line, isn’t it? In fact, such services are so intuitive that there is not need to loose any time to read boring online Google manuals such as Google Earth manual. While all this sound good, the downside is that these online Google apps manuals contain great tricks, hacks and tips that, useless to say, are left unused by the vast majority of Google users. Let’s see where you can get Google instructions for all Google web applications and regular, free Google applications , how you can download and convert them to handy PDF documents for offline reading.

  1. Just visit Google Help page and click the link of the page referring to the Google service you would like to save as a manual (PDF file).
  2. Let’s say to you clicked Google Chrome help page. Its web address should be something like this: http://www.google.com /support /chrome/?hl=en.
  3. Good, now append this piece of code to the last part of the web address, deleting at the same time the last part of it: ?fulldump=1
  4. Here is what should look like after the code addition: http://www.google.com/support/chrome/?fulldump=1
  5. This code just shows the whole help page with tits different chapters as one, big,   uninterrupted web page.
  6. At this point the last part of this guide is to convert the web page (formatted in HTML code) to a PDF file. To accomplish this, just visit this other article of mine and in a couple of steps you will be done!

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One Comment to “How to get Google manuals for free”

  1. Bruce Schau Says:

    Your article on How to get Google manuals for free sounds good.
    I wanted to use the method you described. Unfortunately the process you describe does not work.

    Do you have a new method to dump the help files?


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