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firefoxAfter a long development,  4 betas and 3 release candidates (RC), the latest Firefox 3.5 release is available for public, free download. If you wish to know some of the most important improvements and enhancements in Firefox 3.5, read these previous posts of mine, here and here.

Here are the links to download the latest official Firefox 3.5 version stable version:

Firefox 3.5 (English US) for Windows: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=win&lang=en-US
Firefox 3.5 (English US) for Mac: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=osx&lang=en-US
Firefox 3.5 (English US) for Linux: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=linux&lang=en-US

Firefox 3.5 (English UK) for Windows: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=win&lang=en-GB
Firefox 3.5 (English UK) for Mac OS X: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=osx&lang=en-GB
Firefox 3.5 (English UK) for Linux: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=linux&lang=en-US

Firefox 3.5 (German) for Windows: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=win&lang=de
Firefox 3.5 (German) for Mac OS X: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=osx&lang=de
Firefox 3.5 (German) for Linux: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=linux&lang=de

Firefox 3.5 (French) for Windows: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=win&lang=fr
Firefox 3.5 (French) for Mac OS X: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=osx&lang=fr

Firefox 3.5 (French) for Linux: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=linux&lang=fr

Firefox 3.5 (Spanish Spain) for Windows: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=win&lang=es-ES
Firefox 3.5 (Spanish Spain) for Mac OS X: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=osx&lang=es-ES
Firefox 3.5 (Spanish Spain) for Linux: www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.5&os=linux&lang=es-ES

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