How to prioritize your emails in Gmail

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If you have got a lot of friends you are going to love this service. In fact, receiving a lot of emails in your Gmail account is quite nice, isn’t it? The downside of this activity is that you will end-up having so many emails that you will inevitably miss something quite important such as a job offer or a message from your bank. Other times instead, despite you don’t have a lot of friends writing to you, you still receive a big quantity of emails coming from …spammers. Let’s see how you can prioritize your emails in your Gmail account and stop missing all the important emails which really matter to you.

reBoxed is an interesting service helping you rank your Gmail emails by importance on the base of your votes. After signing-up, reBoxed will download all the contact from your Gmail account. At this point the system will show you pairs of contacts and will ask you to decide which one is more important for you. Once you have finished, your votes and your firends’ votes will be combined and used to sort your Gmail emails. Other features include:

  • reBoxed doesn’t need your Gmail password nor does it download your emails.
  • It won’t change the way your emails are showed in your Gmail account.
  • The service is secure and won’t use any information available in your account or emails. If you want to delete the account, a simple, easy to find link will help you delete all your data from reBoxed.

If you want to know more, or if you want to use reBoxed, click here.

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