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windows 7We know pretty well that Windows 7 is a quite new operating system which is still in its RC version and therefore not ready (at the time writing)  for the market and regular not-savvy users. That’s why we should not be surprise if, every now and then it reboots automatically to prevent the computer from being damaged beyond recovery. Such a behaviour is preset by Microsoft and it is triggered upon system failure. Anyway, if you are not a lucky person your Windows 7 may become stuck and therefore enters in a infinite reboot loop, an endless series of  turn-off and turn-on loops without any apparent way to get out of it. Let’s s lean how to stop Windows 7 reboot loop thanks to a little trick!

  1. When your computer starts its next reboot (black screen), just hit F8 on your keyboard a lot of times till you get the Advanced Boot Options screen.
  2. Now, with your arrow keys, select Disable automatic restart on system failure and press Enter.
  3. Well, done!

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19 Comments to “How to stop Windows 7 reboot loop”

  1. Moo Moo Says:

    But when turning auto restart off from the system it may cause some really BAD hardwere issues or damage files OR even your computer itself. So i dont recommend myself but that’s only my opinion. I better keep it restarting randomly than destroying the whole PC. And i noticed that if you use more resources on you’re computer Windows 7 restart’s even faster. An example: I surf on the internet, OK not many restarts at all maybe a few in a couple of hours. 2nd I play a game for High-End PC’s. Reboots in a couple of minutes every time i play. Well it could be an SoftWare issue but im not sure and its defently not a PSU problem. So my point is: Disabling some of the windows services or change them otherwise this “Bug” wont get destroyed.

  2. Gegejosper Says:

    Thank you for this tips. I will apply it now I am looking for a solution on how to solve this problem in my new computer unit.

  3. Lukong Says:

    Sadly I saw that when I was going into “Safe Mode.” Tried it and it still auto restarted.
    The problem is Microsoft Word 10 (Beta) isn’t working.

    And its sad that another way would be to simply go back to XP.

    Tried & Failed Methods
    1. Computer > Right-Click > Properties > Advanced system settings > Start-up & Recovery Settings > Un-check AutoRestart

    2. The regedit.exe & the gpedit.msc Method

  4. ebraworld Says:

    actually it is based on the services windows is running everytime it restarted. so i think it is the same as Blaster Virus on win xp. pls look into the services that the required action is restart & make it into not action.

  5. fred mtera Says:

    am using revo acer as signage players bt it keeps restarting when the adverts are running am on ubuntu what may be the problem

  6. Majd Says:

    in my opinion that doesnt fix the major problem ,, if we disable the autumatic system failure thats should cause many problem in the pc idk how ,

    if we can email me ,, tell me if there’s another solution

  7. forthepower Says:

    muaah..! thanks..

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