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How many times have you wished to have a fax machine and send a fax right away? How many times have you wished  the shop with a public fax down the block  was closer to your house? How many times have to wished to buy a fax machine but it is way too expensive for you? Well, from now on, thanks to this simple website you will be able to send fax for free in a couple of… clicks!

MyFax.com is a very simple website letting you send fax for free!  You can send free fax all around the world. From Europe  to the States, from Japan to Australia. You can just write a text and fax it or “attach” to thefax  cover a file having PDF, TXT, DOC  formats.  MyFax.com has got some limitations:

  • You can not send files exceeding 10 MB.
  • You can not send more than 2 fax a day.
  • Each fax doesn’t have to contain more than 9 pages.

If you want to use the website to send free fax, click here.

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