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Emails are free and you can open and have as many email accounts as you wish. You can have Gmail, MSN Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail at the same time and even configure Microsoft Outlook Express  to download emails and their attachments on your computer. But with so many options available what do you do when you click  some email hyperlink on a web site? How can you shorten the procedure to pick  the right email account when you click a “Send to” link available in your favorite application installed on your PC?  How does your computer know what email account to use and what can you do to select an email account  in a couple of steps instead of browsing the Internet looking for the right email client web page? Here is a very smart and simple solution.

Affixa is one of those smart applications you will love right away. As a matter of fact, it does three simple things in order to make your email life easier:

  1. It makes your webmail accounts part of Windows.
  2. It simplifies the procedure to send the files via email.
  3. Give you the choice of which web or desktop mail system you use and when.

This means that if you have different web based email accounts, or email client applications on your computer, Affixa will ask you what you want to use, also offering you a nice and easy-to-use window dialog where you will be able to pick up the right email service from.  From now on whenever you click  a “Send to” link located on a web page or on a certain application installed on your computer such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office ect. , Affixa will be there ready to help you reach your favorite email account in one click!

If you want to know more, visit the official website.  If you want to download the application right away, click here.

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    What are these tags for?

  2. Johann Malherbe Says:

    Please just give us the procedure to access our gmail emails.

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