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Twitter is becoming  increasingly popular lately. A lot of people are using it, including bloggers, webmasters and…celebrities! This free social messaging utility letting you blog in just 140 characters is really changing the way we look at Internet, turning normal people to influencing experts  able to affect millions of people! But what can you do to save your  private data contained in your Tweets so that if something happens to the website you will be sure to loose nothing? Here is a nice, freeware solution able to backup your Twitter account and your Tweet of course, in a couple of minutes!

Tweetbackup is a nice, free web utility able to backup your Twitter account and Tweets in a few minutes! the way it works is really simple. All you have to do is sign up the service using your Twitter account and you are done! Tweetbackup will automatically  start to backup your Twitter account on a daily basis. Its main features include:

  • It backups your Twitter account, including your Tweets and a list of your friends.
  • Easy to use.
  • No installation required.
  • You can restore your backup ( wait for a few days, the service is being test at the time I write)

If you want to know more or if you want to use the service, visit the official website.

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One Comment to “How to backup your Twitter account”

  1. Mina Says:

    This app satisfies my paranoid thoughts to loose all my Twitter tweets. 🙂

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