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Every time you add a new website in the bookmark section of your Microsoft Internet Explorer a new link is created and next to it a small icon, representing the website, appears letting you understand and recognize at first glance what website it is. Sometimes Internet Explorer messes with these icons (aka favicons) replacing them with  blank  favicons  which are the standard web icons used by the browser for those websites without any icon. This odd behaviour is due to web cache which gets cleaned up according to your settings, usually after a few weeks. Here is how to restore favicons for each website in your bookmark section in Internet Explorer. 

Faviconizer is a small, free utility which doesn’t need to be installed to work which “it scans all links you have in your favorites and check if the website has a FavIcon. If it has one, FavIconizer will download [backup] that icon and adjust the link in the favorites to use that. After FavIconizer is finished, you have all the FavIcons back in your favorites.”

If yuo want to use it or you want to know more, visit the official website.

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One Comment to “How to restore favicons in Internet Explorer”

  1. happy user Says:

    Nice application. Do you have anything for Firefox?

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