How to visualize Google Search results

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How many times has it happened to you to open a website directly from Google Search results and face a site you were not looking for or the dreaded “404 – file not found” ? Despite Google is the most accurate search engine in the Internet, its biggest limit is that it doesn’t show you a preview of the websites it fetches for you. If you wish to visualize Google Search results and see a small screenshot of the URLs, here is the right solution for you.

Veesual is a nice search engine, powered by Google which shows next to each search results a thumbnails of the websites. Reading from the website: ‘Veesual is a complement of Google’s search engine that shows you the screenshot of each Google search result along with their respective title and description. From any computer with a compatible web browser, without having to install anything. Try Veesual.com and see for yourself how a screenshot can make the difference!” In this way you will continue to use Google but at the same time you will be able to see, thanks to thumbnails the results it returns you.

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