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checkplaces_optionsLast month, I finally decided to reinstall my whole operating system (Windows Vista) because it was completely bloated by all the software, hacks, tricks etc. I install and try on the computer before making any review. As usual, I saved my most important applications, files and data on a secondary partition before formatting everything. Among the other things I saved there was also a file containing all my bookmarks saved in Firefox. After I reinstalled the operating system and all my programs I decided to back up the bookmarks by restoring the file I previously created in Firefox (saved with JSON extension).  With my dismay I found out that while all bookmarks and folders were correctly restored, they were all missing their relative icons (which for websites are called favicons). Here is the add-on which saved my life. Restore your favicons backs in a few minutes!

CheckPlaces is a nice add-on for Firefox whose goal is to check your bookmarks in different ways. It basically checks your bookmarks to see if there aren’t any duplicate and if they are still valid and reachable. It also look for any empty folders.  Furthermore, it also restores missing favicons.

If you want to know mnore of if you just want to download the addon, click here.

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One Comment to “How to restore bookmark favicons in Firefox”

  1. aery Says:

    Nice firefox addon. I always face this problem while synchronizing bookmarks.
    .-= aery´s last blog ..Ilya Repin Birthday Doodle on Google Russia Homepage: 2009 =-.

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