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twitterIf you have more than a Twitter account and you wish to assign one Gmail address to all of your Twitter alias, you will soon find out that it’s simply impossible. As a matter of fact, the Twitter system will return you with this error: “Email has already been taken.” Here is a simple tricksto solve this issue and assign your favorite Gmail address to your Twitter identities.

The solution ask you to simple add a dot (.) between your Gmail username. If, for example, you have the following Gmail address: MrAndrew1972@gmail.com, here is what you will get out of it:

  • Mr.Andrew1972@gmail.com
  • Mr.Andrew.1972@gmail.com
  • Mr.Andrew.19.72@gmail.com
  • Etc.

Your Gmail address has got a unique feature, so that all the above “alias” will points to the direct, original Gmail address namely: MrAndrew1972@gmail.com. If you want to find out more about this “unique feature, please read this Google article.

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5 Comments to “How to assign one Gmail address to multiple Twitter accounts”

  1. Articles about Google as of September 3, 2009 Says:

    […] […]

  2. Web Talk Says:

    Have a look at the date when the articles were published…being first on Google just means that you used good SEO and good keywords. Do you want an example of some bloggers who wrote about this topic months before labnol?

    Thebolliondollargirl article written on June 11th 2009
    Thesocialmediaguide article written on June 12th 2009
    SlideShare artile written on 3th May 2009
    markandey article written 29th March 2009

    Labnol wrote his article on August 20, 2009 and as far as I can see he didn’t credit to any original source either.

    I am not here to debate and dipute with you because this thing of not crediting is quite common even on very large sites. In my humble opinion is wrong to assume a blogger wrote a certain article just because his blog is famous and very popular, or even because it comes first on Google Search.

    Most of the time, spotting the original source is very difficult if not impossible and this is due to the wrong attitute of bloggers of not crediting the original source (yes, I am one of them.)

    Have a great day my friend and enjoy my blog which even though has got some article with no original content is still a good, *clean* site! 🙂

  3. Copy cat Says:

    Isn’t link which first comes on google is of labnol ?? and labnol.org is higher popular blog and its for sure that many copycats keep copying articles from labnol.org.

    Even Lifehacker, downloadsquad and other big blogs rewrites articles but they do credit to source.

  4. Web Talk Says:

    Yes, it is correct. Some of my articles comes from the Internet, but unless I am 100% sure that the article which inspired me is the original one, I don’t credit it. What’s the point of crediting an article which has been copied as well. As for this article, are you sure that it comes from the link you wrote? Have a look here and see how many people wrote about the same thing!
    I perfectly know that this thing maybe not very ethic but well, it is my policy. I only mention the original source. Beseides, when I write original content and other bloggers use it for their own blog they dont credit me at all. The difference is that when I “copy” another article, well, I don’t copy and paste it. I rewrite it completely adding something different and new. The real shame are those bloggers who just copy and paste whole articles pestering the Internet with thousands of spam blogs!

  5. Copy cat Says:

    Dude you never credit to original source. All you articles are copied from some other blogs and websites. Shameless blogger write your own genuine articles.

    Original Source: http://www.labnol.org/internet/one-email-for-multiple-twitter-accounts/9492/

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