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unlockIf you like music but you don’t want to spend a dime, why don’t you download music from Google? As a matter of fact, it is possible to get all the mp3s you want by using specific Google queries which let you gain access to uge music database. Generally, these databases are locked and secured from hackers but, every now and then, because of attentive webmasters, they are left open! Let’s get our chance to get stuff for free and reply to the old question “where can I download free music from Google ?” once for all!

To find the gold music mine , simply type these queries into Google Search field:

  • “parent directory” “write here the name of the singer or the song in parenthesis” –xxx –html –htm –php –shtml –opendivx –md5 –md5sums
  • ?intitle:index.of? mp3 madonna
  • intitle:”Index of” .mp3

You will have to change something to adjust these queries on the base of what you are looking for. In fact you might want to get music from Frank Sinatra or Price for example or you might wish to download files having other extensions than.mp3. You have got a lot of choices thanks to this little hack and the amount of stuff you will find will amaze you!

Of course you will have to browse among the hundreds of search result you will get from these queries but the results will be guaranteed! I have to tell you that  I use these little hack quite a lot with excellent findings. You will be amazed to know how may users leave their private folders, blogs and websites opened on the Internet, thus allowing anybody to see and use their content, above all when it comes to downloading music! To try absolutely if you are a music addict and you like using Google to get stuff for free!

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One Comment to “How to download music from Google”

  1. Sanjo_85 Says:

    Thanks. It works.

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