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I have written a lot, really a lot here at Web Talk about Google.  However, the list of articles dealing with  cool Google tricks is so vast and so scattered all over the blog that finding what you are looking for may be a little difficult. True, you can use the Search widget located on the upper, right side of the blog but, wouldn’t be easy for you to get all of them, or at least the more important tricks, in one page?

Here is a small list of the most famous of Google tips and hack available on Web Talk:

  1. Convert everything into anything else Do you want to know how much is a dollar in pounds? Do you want to know how many years are in one century etc. Google is your answer.
  2. Calculator Already on Google searching for something? Need to make a quick calculation? Hey! You don’t need to take a calculator, just type the numbers and the operation you want to make on Google blank search field and you are done! Ex.: [34+12+76-90*2]
  3. If you need to know a review about a movie because you want to be sure to have fun, Ask Google first. Ex. movie: star wars
  4. Do you love the pink color? Search all pink pictures in Google Image thanks to this cool tricks! Ex:  “imgcolor=pink” or “imgcolor=pink,red”. Here is an example: http://images.google.com/images?imgcolor=pink&hl=en&q=dolly.
  5. Is your heart beating for music? Google it and get tons of mp3 song for free! Here is the code to use: -inurl:(htm|html|php)intitle:”index of”+”last modified” + “parent directory”+ description + size + (wma|mp3) “frank sinatra”
  6. Love reading? Did you know that Google has a huge, cool, free library at your disposal? Have a look at Google Book Search and read as much as you like.
  7. Need to translate a book, a website, an article into Japanese, Italian, Russian? You don’t have to contact a linguist! Ask Google!
  8. Always looking for the latest, cool, hot news? Have a look at this article and learn how to get the best from Google!
  9. Do you want to know if Google web services are up and running? Paranoid about Google services? Check Google whenever you want and find out everything about it!
  10. Bonus. These cool tricks despite are well-known are still left behind when it comes to search stuff on Google. Here is a sub-list:
    • allinurl:TERMS1 + TERM2 etc = shows only pages with all search terms in the url.
    • allintitle:TERMS1 + TERM2 et = shows only results with terms in the  title.
    • allintext: = searches only within text of web pages, posts etc.
    • allinlinks: = searches only within links.
    • “TERM” OR “SENTENCE” = search exact term or sentence.
    • TERM1 -TERM2 = Look for term A but it filters results that include term B.

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