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Recently, Google has rolled out a new interesting web service which visualizes the website pages or blog posts containing  the news you are looking  for. As stated in the Official Google Blog: “Fast Flip is a new reading experience that combines the best elements of print and online articles.”

The main idea is to show web pages in a quick, faster way in order to let you read more news in a shorter lapse of time. Furthermore, Google Fast Flip shows websites  in a print magazine fashion by letting you browse “sequentially through bundles of recent news, headlines and popular topics, as well as feeds from individual top publishers”.  Among regular websites and blogs, Google Fast Flip  also aggregates news from influential and famous publishers such as New York Times, the Atlantic, the Washington Post, Salon, Fast Company, ProPublica and Newsweek.  I have tried the service and I have to admit that the whole browsing and reading procedure is smoother and nicer, plus  it really feels like dealing with a magazine! I highly advice this new Google idea to those users who are addicted to web news and at the same time want something easy to use. Google Fast Flip is also available for you phone here.

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