How to enable Microsoft Bing Visual Search

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Bing is the new search engine by Microsoft (oh, well, if you ask me it is nothing else than a revamped Live Search!). One of the most thrilling features in Bing is its new and exciting Visual Search which lets you search and browse among hundreds of pictures. However, enabling and using such a feature might not be as easy as it looks like. In fact, lately a lot of users are experiencing a weird issue where Bing Visual Search returns a  404 error. Here is the trick to enable and turn on Bing Visual Search.

  1. Go to bing.com/worldwide and set your country as United States.
  2. Save such setting.
  3. Now, simply go to bing.com/visualsearch and have fun!
  4. By the way,  Bing Visual Search uses Microsoft Silverlight to work.

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