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How many times have you wished to contact Google or Google Support to ask your questions, submit your complains, tell your findings, report a bug or a error? Incredible to say, despite the fact that it looks quite easy to connect with Google, the information on the Internet about it  are so many, so scattered and so confusing that finding the exact email or telephone number can be a real problem. Here is a tidy list of emails and contacts to  communicate with the Big G!

Google headquarters is located in Silicon Valley.

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: +1 650-253-0000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +1 650-253-0000      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

If you are looking for Google in your city, visit this page giving you infos about all the Google offices scattered all over the world.

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69 Comments to “How to contact Google support. A list of useful emails and contacts”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Google, I need serious help. There is a picture on google images that I accidentally uploaded a few years back and I never knew untill my friends typed in my name and 3 pictures of me appeared. I am getting bullied for these pictures and I worry everyday what my family will think. Please help, I’m so upset. I can’t remember the Google email I uploaded it with nor the password so please help!

  2. danie scholtz Says:

    Plse help me my googl+ all my pictures disappeared cannot trace it or open google

  3. Sergei Says:

    Dear Google,
    I Have some ideas on how to improve your company. The only problem is that there is no email to Google Head Quarter, which is where i would like to send this message. If there is a email contact i can send messages to i’d be able to send you my ideas.


  4. Boris Müller Says:

    Hi to GOOGLE Team!

    Please,we are applying to only you,Google Team,as we need precise info about the “Surf Private Running”:if this is offered by providers,we suppose it’s FULL LEGAL,right?!
    Yet,Yahoo “CUT” us definitiveley off our accounts for the following motives: “Cookies are out” and “the Private makes impossible to follow us and look at our correspondences”…A small screen mentioning this is full laid under our eyes while we vainly try to open our accounts…
    Then,please,we need a precise answer directly from Mr.Larry Page,Sergey Brin,Mr.Eric Schmidt,and the main Lawyer of the team(Sorry,his name forgotten): HAS YAHOO Management the right to forbid that Private Running while cancelling accounts FOR NONE OTHER MOTIVES(complaints or actions for libels from any people,or else,NO!)?
    Other question: is it possible that Yahoo is running its OWN policy about that Net Private subject ?
    Now,if they are outlaws,may we bring them before the courts while asking damages ?
    Thank’s much for reply.
    _Net consumers_

  5. Hugh C. Daly Says:

    I have a YouTube account under the user name JHDLTD , however I recently found that some of my videos plus many other video that were not done by me, appeared on a separate YouTube account under the user name HUGH DALY. How do I get my videos off that account and either close it (the HUGH DALY Account) or separate it from JHDLTD ?

  6. Sharma Tai Kunsang Says:

    Dear Google…
    I’m a Mac user (Mac Book Lion)I have a gmail account. Now for the first time ever somone has read my Master Card and by for 25.000,- DKK. I never try this before, and I’m not a super user. I have copy’s all I could for Police and Master Card. The quistion now is, kan I still use my old gmail adress..? (I use it eweryware, then it will be lot, lot, lot of work. And all contacts. Im shaking. The Mastercard is close. What else? Its my 1.st job tomorrow. Contacting a shop and let them decide. But one of the mail disapeers while printing. Can I find this mail again…? Is there a place, is there a mail-server i can use looking..? Thanks

  7. Manish Says:

    How to chat with Gmail support online . Is there any way to do that ?

  8. Chris Maclellan Says:

    I have tried for at least 2 years to get Google to correct my Google Map listing.

    My listing forwards people to a different site.

    I am 1000% unhappy with Google.

  9. Sherri Kane Says:

    I have made several attempts to fill out DCMA forms and email Google regarding a video that is a copyright violation posted on googleblogspot.
    How can I get these links down if Google refuses to do anything about it?

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