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Gmail is an incredible, excellent email web mail able to hold thousands of email and gigabytes of files. If you want to download Google Mail emails and its files as  a backup, I have got a nice solution for you. In this way you don’t have to worry what happens to your email once you log out your Gmail. Everything will always be with you, safely stored in your computer!

  1. Sign in your Gmail.
  2. Click Settings located on the top right side of your screen.
  3. Now, click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  4. Select Enable POP for all mail. (This will let you download all of your Google emails)
  5. Choose the action you’d like your Gmail messages to take after they are accessed with POP.
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. Alternatively, read this guide here.
  8. At this point, download Firefox Thunderbird here.
  9. Install Thunderbird.
  10. Create a new account. This will be done automatically if this is the first time you use the software. If it isn’t, go to FileNewAccount and  select Gmail. Right after that click Continue.
  11. Fill in the form with your Gmail email address.
  12. Now, thick the box labeled Download messages now. Click Done when you’re done.
  13. At this point go to Thunderbird main page and download all of your whole Gmail account

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