An Easy Guide on How to Reinstall Windows Vista

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vistaSometimes, after uninstalling Windows Vista you may want to reinstall it back, from scratch. There are different reasons why something so controversial may have happened to you. You may have intentionally uninstalled the operating system, a virus shattered your computer, you wanted to try the latest Windows 7 etc. Whatever the reason, here is a small, quick guide which will teach you how to securely reinstall your Windows Vista operating system in a few steps.

  1. Turn off your computer.
  2. Insert your Windows Vista DVD. This first procedure will start the computer from the DVD itself.
  3. When you receive the “Press any key to boot from CD” message, press a key.
  4. Most probability, your computer has already a couple of partitions.
  5. Your computer will now show you  the Setup program.
  6. Set your language, time and currency format and keyboard and press Enter.
  7. The next screen will ask you how to install or repair Windows Vista. Select “Install Now” to reinstall Vista.
  8. A new screen will appear asking you for the product key.
  9. Tick “I accept the licence terms” and press next without further delay.
  10. Now you have to choose where you want to install the operating system.
  11. If you want to safely play with the partitions your computer already has, click Drive Options.
  12. At this point you should face another screen where you will be able to create, delete and format new partitions. Remember that deleting a partition will also delete any data it contains. So be sure that it doesn’t contain anything!
  13. Once you have created a new partition do not forget to format it with NTFS files system.
  14. Click Next.
  15. At this point your computer will start to copy all the necessary files to your hard drive. Do not press any key during installation!
  16. The next steps will let you choose different things such as your time zone, date and time etc.

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