Another way to speed up Windows startup time

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windowsWeb Talk is literlly scattered with hundreds of interesting tricks on how to improve your Windows. Above all there are a lot of articles explaining to you how to speed up the bootup of your operating system in order to have a snappier and more responsive computer. If you are not tired of tweaking your Windows and you think that you can further speedup your Windows responsiveness, here is another intereting trick for you to perform in a couple of seconds. Really!

This trick will speed up, increase and accelerate your operating system startup time. Here is the easy procedure to follow:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Type msconfig in the Search Box field. Alternatively, you can use the Run… command.
  3. The System Configuration Utility will appear. Select the BOOT.ini tab.
  4. Now, tick the box labeled /NOGUIBOOT, click the Apply button.
  5. Click OK.
  6. At this point you will be prompt to restart your PC.
  7. Click Restart without further delay.
  8. After rebooting your computer, a warning message this appear. There is nothing wrong, do not worry. Just click  OK and you are done!

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