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How many times, after finished writing a document by using Microsoft Office Word have you been unable to open it because it got corrupted?  This thing has happened to me at least 3 times and every time, well, you don’t want to know how many times I have cursed at Microsoft. A couple of days ago I have found an interesting online tool which repairs corrupted  docx, xlsx, pptx, and Open Office odt, ods or odp files.

If you want to repair a docx file or other Word files, I Have got the right reply for you: SaveOfficeData.com. Actually, this is more than a website. It is an online tool able  to work with  corrupt Microsoft Office 2007 and Open Office application. Reading from the website: “Despite file corruption or failure to open the most popular office suite files, it may be possible here to avoid retyping or re-entering your data.   Additionally, this service extracts and data from intact non-corrupt files. The service even extracts text from doc and rtf files but is unlikely to be successful with corrupt files for those extensions.”

If you want t use the service, click here.

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6 Comments to “How to repair corrupted Docx files”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    I think that’s you that do not understand. I asked you to accept a friendly interview where I featured your blog for some day on my blog, I said to you not to be too harsh with me because in the end it is very difficult to track back who wrote the original article, even though you wrote it first. I said to you everybody has got a “stain” in his blog where he doesn’t credit the source (yes, even you!) etc. I said to you to put this thing at peace and you still stick around asking me why that happened and how…how long does it take before you understand that I am offering you PEACE for something that it really didn’t take place since almost all the web is like that? It looks like you are sinking in the quicksand, I am offering you my hand and you say to me: ” No, i don’t want it because you were supposed to it earlier, better and faster” Nobody is perfect my dear, I will try my best next time…I am already tring to do my best but you seem not to notice it…:)

    ps: if you want to reply to this long comment with something like ” but why did you do this?” please do not bother to type…

  2. Blogsdna Says:

    Then why don’t you link to that site ?? and did you got in dreams about savedataoffice.com that lead you to search in Google ?

    One thing I have definitely learned from your blog, how to give excuses for not crediting source.

  3. Web Talk Says:

    Here is your example
    There are other example on other search engines of course…

    However, it seems to me that you do not know how to use Google and other search engines (since you keep asking me where you got it etc.) I advice you to read my tutorial about the best tricks for Google. Stick around and keep reading my blog! You could learn Interesting things! 🙂

  4. Blogsdna Says:

    I would like to know who all have blogged about saveofficedata.com before me.

  5. Web Talk Says:

    Same IP, same guy….that’s not your first time here…so, that’s you Sandip Dedhia. Nice to meet you! 🙂 I won’t credit you anyway because there are other blogs that spoke about the service before you…and you didn’tcredit them as well, right?. Anyway, just toput things at peace I would like to give you an interview and be featured here at Web Talk for a couple of days…Let’s see if Blogging has taught you to achieve discipline in life…and patience! (and other virtues)

  6. Blogsdna Says:

    I hope you haven’t forgot to credit the source.

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