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How many times have you thought: ” I do not like Google homepage!”. Sometimes dealing with such a simple interface can be really boring and dull. If you wish to get some spicy on your computer and have a great, beautiful Google homepage, I have got the right online service for you. The web utility will let you get a customized Google search and when you are bored about it, well, you will change it with something else!

SearchSlate.com lets you have customized version of Google main  page. There are different home pages to pick and all of them are grouped to categories such as: Space, nature, abstract, simple, places, car. The website is quite simple to use. Just select one of the nice homepages, click it, set it as your Google homepage in your broser and that’s it!

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4 Comments to “How to make a beautiful Google Homepage”

  1. shane Says:

    You can also use… http://www.googboxx.com
    really nice

  2. Mark Says:

    http://www.bqsearch.com this one is better 🙂

  3. Articles about Web 2.0 as of September 28, 2009 Says:

    […] […]

  4. Gregg DesElms Says:

    One must be VERY careful about using something like this. Many people create what seem like altruistically helpful Google search tools (we see this particularly with Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets), however, the creator of such tools often has an ulterior motive…

    …like, for example, achieving clickthroughs pursuant to some kind of pay-for-clicks scheme to which the maker subscribes. The unwitting user of his seemingly altruistic Google search tool is actually helping the maker accumulate clicks so that he can financially benefit.

    Such tools may also be configured such that certain search results are filtered out. Imagine, for example, if one were a Democrat/progressive and he started using a tool like this which is created by a Republican/conservative who intentionally sees to it that said tool filters out of search results the kinds of sites that Democrats/progressives would like to see.

    Again, we saw (and still see) that sort of thing a lot with Vista Sidebar Google-related gadgets.

    It is my personal opinion that tools of this sort should just never be trusted. Period. Maybe this one can be trusted, maybe not. Why screw around with it, though.

    If Google users feel the need for increased immersion in that which is visually beautiful on their computer screens, there are GAZILLIONS of other ways to get that fix on the Internet. Gazillions!

    I say: Just use regular Google and don’t tempt fate.

    But that’s just me.

    Hope that helps.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California

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