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As you know, in the Internet there are a lot, really a lot of Windows 7 copies available for download. There are also thousands of product keys which promise you to activate your Windows 7 for good. But, how to know if a product key is valid and legit or fake? Here is a nice, simple to use, free application which lets you check and verify if a Windows 7 product key is good or fake.

Windows 7 Product Key Checker lets you check and verify Windows 7 product key. It offers you a detailed description of every number in the key including:

  • Product ID.
  • Extended PID.
  • Activation ID.
  • Edition ID.
  • License Type.
  • License Channel.
  • Crypto ID.

If you want to download Windows 7 Product Key Checker, click here.

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One Comment to “How to check and verify Windows 7 product key”

  1. Bajs Says:

    So, is this scam? Does this program send the key you enter away to somewhere else?

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