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Windows Live Messenger, formerly known as MSN Messenger is the default instant messenger installed in all Windows operating systems. In the vain attempt to force you to use such software, Microsoft has removed its “Add/Remove Programs” feature in the control panel.  If you don’t like such IM and wish to uninstall it because you hate being told what software to use or just because you already have your own chat application, here is a nice, freeware program which will uninstall Windows Live Messenger right away.

WMLUninstaller is a simple application that uninstalls Windows Live Messenger from your operating system. If you want to download it, click here.

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One Comment to “How to uninstall Windows Live Messenger”

  1. tblount Says:

    Or… run msconfig and uncheck it from the start menu… THEN google startupmonitor — find and install it.. you can still use messenger but when it tries to load at startup … startupMonitor will catch it and let you opt out. That way you can have you cake and eat it too… but only when you want to eat it.

    Windows 7 does NOT install messenger… you have to go download it and install it before it sets up to load when you boot your system.

    BTW…. startupmonitor is the FIRST program I install on every computer I own. It catches 90% of the malware and crap ware that software tries to sneak on your computer… and lets you opt out. A program called Autoruns is also excellent.. it shows you what your system is loading when it boots.. in every area.. including the Task Manager Scheduler.

    You guys need to hire me as an editor. I may stop working for free.

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