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google earth

One of the most favorite applications of mine is Google interactive satellite service which lets you browse the world in a few clicks, while sitting in your living room . Here is a collection of funny pictures from Google Earth I have gathered for you. Next to each description I have added the link which shows you the image without actually open or download the Google Earth application. Further down you can also find some pictures and a three videos showing you the weirdest places on earth discovered thanks to the Google application.

  • This is the image of a big rabbit. To tell you the truth it looks like a big puppet some giant has left from above.(Giant pink bunny)
  • This big drawing seems a kind of crop circle or a gigantic medallion. (Big crop)
  • Who is she? Well, according to what I see somebody here has fallen in love with Oprah Winfrey. (Oprah)
  • This lake in Iraq has got something strange. Why is so red? (Red lake)
  • A nice picture showing you that even in the heaven you have to wait. (Traffic Jam)
  • This beautiful woman has got an iPod or what? (Beautiful woman)
  • Ok, Coca Cola is exaggerating in this case…(Coke ads)
  • Funny but embarrassing! (Naked guy)






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One Comment to “Funny pictures from Google Earth”

  1. insane Says:

    that one is funny

    thank you

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