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Despite the fact that Windows operating system already comes with  its own uninstaller, it is always good to have a  good uninstaller program which does its job in a proper way. In fact, the application embedded in Windows, every now and then, seems not to work properly and, as a result, it won’t remove programs completely or it will get stuck or  refuse to work. Here is a quick solution for you. Just press one button and you are done. The hated application will be removed right away without  any hassle!

Kuninstall is a simple, though effective uninstaller  free program which does something extremely obvious. It removes those applications you have installed on your computer (or those ones which comes embedded with your os). Its main features are:

  • Unicode support
  • Locate key in Registry
  • Much faster than “Windows Add or Remove Programs”
  • Show more detail information
  • Drag and drop file name or shortcut of installed program
  • Use Finder to uninstall running program or desktop icons, quick launch toolbar, taskbar or system tray
  • Scan for leftover registry keys, files and folders to delete

If you want to know more about this software, click here. If you want to download it right away, click here.

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