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Do you know what’s the issue with all these promotions hitting the Internet?  They are not know well publicized. That’s why few people know about it. Lately, Avanquest has recently unleashed a huge quantity of free programs, giveaways you can grab with full working license keys. I advise you to download all of them, even if you do not need them. In fact, in the future you may want to use them and guess what? If you do not grab these Avanquest giveaways now, you will have to buy them later!

Before staring listing all the promotions I would like to warn you that the forms to fill-in are very short, but they are in German language. I know pretty well that you guys are quite resourceful, but in case you want to know what data these forms need and ask you, I advice you to use this excellent online Google Translator tool. Alternatively, you can use this online translation tool here.

  1. Power Translation Pro. Translate everything including, website, webpages, documents, files, instant messages etc. It translates to and from English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
  2. Sun StarOffice 9 Deluxe. Full, powerful office productivity suite. A great tool to write your documents and a good alternative to Microsoft Office. Its main applications include: Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Graphics (this app lets you draw your ideas down), Presentation tool, PDF export. The suite is fully compatible with Microsoft Office.
  3. Expert PDF 5. Incredible conversion tool able to convert PDF to Word, PDF file into a PDF Form. It also create customised PDF forms. Create PDF files easily, convert JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, TIF, PNG, EMF, BMP.
  4. PC Booster 6. Boost your computer in one click! Memory auto-recovery, System information display, easy to use. Clean your computer from unwanted files and leftovers, fast shutdown, optimize your Internet speed.
  5. Serif Photo Plus. Powerful image editing software. Fix and edit your pictures, change colors, filter gallery, create pictures, create animations etc.
  6. Movavi ConvertMovie. Convert your movies easily. Convert your unprotected DVD to anything, tweak videos, rip dvd.
  7. Zoner Photo Studio 7 Professional. Extract your pictures from your devices and share them online, 16 bits per color channel, powerful photo editing, DVD slideshows, Batch Filter.
  8. Fix-It Utilities 9. Fix, repair, speed up your computer. Runs 100 Tests to Diagnose & Fix Computer Problems, Eliminates PC Crashes, Freezes & Slowdowns, Detects & Removes Spyware & Viruses.
  9. AutoSave 2. Automatically saves any types of documents – Photos, Emails, Videos, Documents and more. It runs in the background and protects you from data loss.
  10. PowerDesk 7. Great organize and manage your files easily. Advanced File Finder, Synchronize Files & Folders,  easy FTP client.

Note: Some of these promotions are not valid anymore. Please read comments posted by Roy Smith to know more about his findings. Thanks Roy,  you have been quite useful!

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14 Comments to “Big list of Avaquest giveaway applications with full license keys!”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Thank for the list and for your great post! Very useful indeed. 🙂

  2. Roy Smith Says:

    Thanks for your good words and the pick me up ( Frank P is it? the Webmaster at WebTalk?)

    I thought You might like a good day today, so as I swung by Avanquest I thought I would check out if any of their free deals were still going.

    And they are, at least ALL of the ones are at this address:


    I’ve copied the webpage and attached it in an email for you and all the procedures are the same as previously in June (I presume that they are because I wasn’t a computer enthusiast then or even an avid PC starer like I am now either.

    Must be the good company I’m keeping reading all those great reviews!!

    Please “Be Aware” anyone who is going to download these that they are all in German I believe, at least the ones I have managed to install so far are except SendPhotos which is a 5 language configurable app

    Anyway so that’s

    1) Fix-It Utilities 7 Essentials —free

    2) 3D Haus Design Comfort (395Mb)—-free

    3) Logomaker 2.0 —-free

    4) DriverGenius Backup Express v8.0.0.316—-free

    5) SendPhotos with free account—- free

    (Absolutely brilliant photo up&down loading.exe with a totally free account for uploading and downloading photos onto a webpage, uploading to picasa, Facebook and MySpace, sending via email, and with language settings for US & UK English, French, Italian, Spanish and of course Deutsch)

    There is a free scan with PC Speed Maximiser v2.0 and Registry First aid v7.0, but I think if anyone wants to continue using them they’ll probably have to buy a license or maybe keep redownloading them as long as the links stay available; I’m not sure about that though so please don’t quote me

    Power Translator 12 is still at 40% off on the page you arrive at when you click on the “JETZT MIT 40% RABATT DOWNLOADEN” button
    “Now Download with 40% rebate”

    PDF eXPerte 6 is 25% off but they both still cost (a bit )

    Maybe we could find all the other freebies they’ve been giving away and see if they’re still active, and eithersend them by email to Frank or post them in his new forum

    By the way I have checked all the downloads and downloaded all the apps because I didn’t have the chance to get any of them myself before.

    Now all I have to do is install and activate and I can’t see that there will be any problems there either, but if there is I’ll let you know pronto

    So all the best and “Have a Great day all” because I am

    A simple happy man (normally anyway)

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