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wallapaper 1

As you know, Microsoft Windows 7 has been officially launched. To celebrate this event, today Web Talk is posting articles (containing a lot of freebies) concerning this new Microsoft operating system. Simply, visit Web Talk home page and grab Windows 7 new, official themes for free! You can also see the official Windows 7 logo and the advertisememts Microsoft is using during these very hours all over the world to publicize its new product. If you are still looking for freebies  to beautify your computer, here are other nice, custom  wallpapers, ready to be downloaded after the jump!

These wallpapers are part of a free pack containing 50 custom Windows 7 wallpapers! Have a look at these samples and if you like them, download the whole pack now! (the link is at the end of this article).

wallpaper 3

wallpaper 4

wallpaper 5

wallpaper 6

If you want to download the whole pack containing 50 custom Windows 7 wallpapers (HD quality) , click here. Are you looking for tricks to make your Windows 7 better? Find out how to unlock themes, secretly hidden in your Windows 7!

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2 Comments to “Download custom Windows 7 wallpapers for free!”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Hello Robert! I downloaded the whole pack myself. Loved most of them. By the way, welcome back! 😉

  2. Robert Says:

    This are some cool wallpapers I especially like the third one in your article very clean and HD wallpapers I downloaded the whole pack, going to have some fun editing them in Photoshop tonight.

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