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Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

During the last years a lot of new Internet connections have appeared promising you to download tons of file in no time. However, some people still do not have such a luck and have to wait hours to download a game or a simple application. Let’s see how to download faster by using a nice application which increases your download speed in a couple of steps!

Download Accellerator Plus is a freeware application which makes  your download quite rapid and responsive thanks to a trick called “multiple download threads” utilized when you download files from Internet. Basically, during a download the software looks for the same file from other sources. If it finds  them and they are faster, it will start downloading your file from them as well. In other words it splits the download and assigns these threads to different sources.

Download Accellerator Plus main features are:

  • Mirroring Speed Boost to download from the fastest sources
  • Built-in Twitter integration to Tweet directly from DAP
  • Designed for Premium RapidShare downloads acceleration
  • Available in 38 languages

If you want to download the application, click here.

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One Comment to “How to download files faster”

  1. tblount Says:

    I’ll give anyone a FREE computer monitor if you can find any download / internet accelerator that makes ANY increase in speed in Windows 7. Yeah.. you have to pay shipping and that would be more than an older ctr monitor is worth. But Maybe I got your attention. BECAUSE I have tested this progam throughly and about 5 others… and they do not make any difference.

    Sure they can “fake” you into thinking they improve performance but I can do that without a program… just give me $29. Ok.. I’ll show you how they trick you… first they show you the baseline test by doing something like displaying 50 images on a web page in 10 seconds. Then you run their program and do the test again…. what a surprise! It only took 4 seconds for the 50 images to load. Well the trick is that they are already download in your temp files folder and don’t have to be downloaded again.

    Another example: go to Youtube and find something that runs about 2 minutes.. like Elvis Heartbreak Hotel. Load it and wait till it starts and you can hear the song/music. Time how long it takes for the pink line.. that runs ahead of your position in the viedo to get to the end. Probably it takes 30 to 45 seconds to load the 2 minute song. Now click refresh in your browser.. Wow was that fast! It downloaded the entire song INSTANTLY in your new “test.” Obviously your browser had stored the entire video in the temp files and didn’t download it again.

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