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Who said that Google is all about searches, videos and applications? Did you know that Google is really funny sometimes, and that  it can give you some exhilarating laugh in some unexpected way?  Google tends to show during your daily searches (as part of its new guessing feature), the most used keywords and sentences used by millions of people around the world. So let’s see what Google try to understand from the first words you type in its Search box.  Also, let’s see what people mostly look while searching the Internet! Warning: Some of this incredible search results may have x-rated content. Be sure to be 18 years old at least and that no kid is around, peering at what you are reading!

Ready? OK, the first thing to do is use the International Google Homepage. The one which will try to guess what you write. Go to Google.com.  If Google still shows you the homepage with your own language, look at the right bottom of the Google main page. You should see Google in English. Click it. To make sure that the guessing feature is on, try to type something. If Google tries to guess your writing,  type what follows below and find out what users tends to look for while comfortably sitting on the couch, in their living room:

  • Why Do
  • How to g
  • Painf
  • How to ple
  • Why does my baby
  • Why are americans (I don’t like it…)
  • Google is
  • Why does my hu
  • Why does my wif
  • Why does my dog
  • I am
  • I like
  • I dislike (racism?)
  • Do g
  • I like to t
  • Is it im
  • My poo

See how Google is funny? Do you know other search queries?

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