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After my interesting articles on Google is funny, funny pictures and photos from Google Earth and most viewed YouTube videos a sad note is going to hit our heads. For those of you guys who are suspicious about Google and wonder if Google is a spyware collecting data about our activities, here is the shocking news. It is all true! And worst than anything else, Google just confirmed it!  Let’s see how Google spies us and what has got about our lives.

Google has recently updated its Account page with a new service called Google Dashboard which shows  what Google knows about our activities in its web accounts. Reading from Googlesystem.blogspot.com: “Google Dashboard is a new service that shows a summary of the data stored with a Google account. You’ll soon find a link to Google Dashboard in the “personal settings” of the “my account” page.”  Such a dashboard is able to show you a lot of useful information about your activities like your name, your email address, the number of contacts, the number of conversations in your Gmail inbox, your Google profile, the most recent entries from the web history etc.

So What do you think? Should Google collect data and store it in one place or this is only the latest service built for the average user?

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4 Comments to “Google Spyware Confirmed!”

  1. tblount Says:

    I can’t find anything there that I didn’t tell it to store.

    If you want something serious to worry about… take a look at what our governement is doing to our economy.


  2. Web Talk Says:

    Hi Dannis! Welcome back! You have been missed here! 🙂 Even though you have been around. I saw your computer IP in my tracker 😉

  3. Ian Says:

    Not really spyware. It is all the information you would expect they know and by being transparent it allows you to manage that information better. I think this is better as now you can easily see information that you maybe would not want to have them storing and you can go remove it.

  4. Dennis F Says:

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Isn’t there enough spy-ware out there already? Or am I being too paranoid. Do the powers that be at Google also have access to this for individuals, or only in the aggregate??? I guess it is a good place to change setting, but only if it is private, totally. Thanks, Frank And I’m sorry I let you down.

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