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If you are a webmaster you know pretty well how difficult is to constantly optimize, repair and check your website or blog database  in order to  have a fast, reliable and snappy site. One of the major concerns when it comes to thinking about databases is the issue related to duplicate records. So, let’s see how to delete them safely in your SQL database.

  1. The first step is to locate duplicate records in the SQL table. In this case the table’s name will be Test while the duplicate content to search for will be Duplicate_Test.
  2. Let’s access the Cpanel and let’s go to PhPMyAdmin.
  3. Now, we will select and click the database called Test and from there we will execute the following query:
  4. SELECT Email_Address, COUNT(*) FROM Test
    Group BY Duplicate_Test  HAVING COUNT(*) > 1

  5. This string will show you all the duplicate records in your SQL table.

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One Comment to “How to delete duplicate records in your SQL database”

  1. Ken Master Says:


    Topic title says that “How to delete duplicate records in your SQL database” whereas your method stats that how to show Duplicate records in your SQL database”

    By using this method, i am able to find the duplicate queries but I am not be able to delete them all. Please tell me that how can i delete those records which shows when i execute the above command.

    Have a look on this screenshot.


    You can see here that it shows me “4,303” Rows which needs to be deleted.

    Please tell me how can i delete them all.

    Thank you

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