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windows 7There are tons of ways to improve your  Windows 7. In fact, you can speed up Windows 7 bootup time, Speed up Windows 7 taskbar and even get more space in your Windows 7 without deleting any software.  However, a great improvement is to change Windows 7 startup and add or remove  applications for your needs.

Removing applications in your Windows 7 startup lets you have a more responsive computer. On the other side, adding applications lets you have your Windows 7 ready with all the programs you really need. Here is the easy procedure to change, add or remove stuff from the startup.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click All Programs.
  3. Now, right-click the StartUp folder. From the context menu, select Open All Users.
  4. Click Explore if you wish to open the folder for the current user.
  5. Now locate the folder of program you wish to add to start up. Right-click it and choose the option “Copy Shortcut”.
  6. Now, simply paste this shortcut to the the first folder you opened (step 3).
  7. Reboot your computer for the change to take effect.
  8. The first steps of this procedure can also be sued to remove programs.

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One Comment to “How To Change Windows 7 Startup (add more apps)”

  1. Dennis F Says:

    Lo and behold, mine was empty. I think I’ll keep it that way for now. I enjoy having the quick bootup.

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