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windows 7Once installed and activated, you Windows 7 will be able to show you ( go to Control Panel — System and Security — System) in the System Properties the status of your Microsoft Operating System along with your Product ID.  Sometimes these information won’t be displayed. In the Activation status box, you will only get a sad “Not Available” message. Here is how to fix this bug!

If you want to fix the “broken” Windows 7 Activation Status, simply enable  Software Protection service (C:\Windows\system32\sppsvc.exe) and set the Startup Type to Automatic (Delayed Start).

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6 Comments to “How to Fix Windows Activation Status Not Available in Windows 7”

  1. tblount Says:

    …or just run

    slmgr -xpr

    from the command prompt

  2. aleyboo Says:

    i did run slmgr -xpr and i got the msg that Product Key not found ……

  3. Jase Says:

    Yep same for me too

  4. Best Flash Diffuser Says:

    I’m still getting the same error message and status id, even after changing the Software Protection to automatic delayed start. Do I need to do a reboot?

  5. alaa Says:

    It looks like the Licensing Store is corrupted…..
    Recreate the Licensing Store
    1) Click Start button.
    2) Type: CMD.exe into the ‘Search programs and files’ field
    3) Right-Click on CMD.exe and select Run as Administrator
    4) Type: net stop sppsvc (It may ask you if you are sure, select yes)
    Note: the Software Protection service may not be running, this is ok.
    5) Type: cd %windir%\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SoftwareProtectionPlatform
    6) Type: rename tokens.dat tokens.bar
    7) Type: cd %windir%\system32
    8) Type: net start sppsvc
    9) Type: slui.exe
    10) After a couple of seconds Windows Activation dialog will appear. You may be asked to re-activate and/or re-enter your product key or Activation may occur automatically.

  6. Mo7a Says:

    worked jus fine till step (9)

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