20 Stunning articles about emails and email-addresses

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emailDuring these years Web Talk has written a lot, really a lot about different and heterogeneous topics. The most interesting subject is without any doubt (considering the quantity of emails I have got during these years) the one which has to do with tricks and tips to customize, improve and enhance your emails and even your email-accounts, with a special attention to the most famous email account in the Internet: Gmail.  Here is an almost complete guide regarding the best suggestions and tweaks to get the most out of your emails.

  1. Get your Temporary email addresses aka fake email address. If you need a special email address because you want to send a “special” email, and at the same time you do not want to be tracked, read this article and find out how to send emails from an account without the hassle to go through a registration form. Become anonymous in a single step!
  2. Encode email address. If you do not like to write down your email address every time you post a comment because you are afraid to get tons of spam emails, then read this article and learn how to encode your email address by converting it into encrypted JavaScript code.
  3. Find out if your Gmail has been hacked. Paranoid about people hacking GMail account? Here is a simple trick to know if someone ready your private emails.
  4. How to create a Googlemail.com account. If you want to use a nickname for your Gmail account, but it has been already taken, try out Googlemail.com, the other Google email address!
  5. Set Gmail as Firefox default e-mail client. Click any email button on any website or blog and have your Firefox redirect you to your Gmail account.
  6. Send large email files easily. Instead of emailing files as attachments, you can easily send large documents as links to all of your contacts thanks to this simple, free application.
  7. Manage multiple gmail accounts easily. Here is an incredible add-on for your Firefox which lets you manage multiple Gmail at the same time.
  8. Backup your Gmail. If you are paranoid about your Gmail and its emails, why don’t you backup the whole account and store it in your computer? Here is how to do it!
  9. How to surf Internet behind a Firewall. A lot of companies have recently firewalled their local Net to prevent its workers to surf the Internet while at work. Find out how to trick your boss and surf whatever website you like!
  10. Protect your Gmail from Hackers and phisher. Read this article and find out what tricks and countermeasure you can apply to protect your GMail account from outer threats.
  11. Gmail Multi-Pane View. Add multiple panes to the Gmail main page, and read more e-mails at once.
  12. Desktop client for Gmail. Use your browser only to surf and read your Gmail from this nice application.
  13. Log-in different email account from the same place. Got GMail, Yahoo Mail., Hotmail etc. Do not spend hour to read all your emails. Read them all from the same place!
  14. Forward the email you get in Hotmail to the Gmail account. Simple tutorial to forward your emails from Hotmail to Gmail.
  15. Send secret, encrypted messages to email accounts. If you do not want your private email to be intercepted while the travel to the recipient, encrypt them!
  16. How to delete a Yahoo account. Wish to delete you Yahoo Mail account? Here is the easy (but quite unknown) procedure.
  17. How to see and recognize if an email is fake or legit. Thanks to this program you can instantly Recognize who the message is from and that it’s been verified as coming from that sender.
  18. Delete spam in your email account and get rid of it foerver. Download this incredible learning application and get rid of spam forever.
  19. Open multiple Gmail account from Internet Explorer. The easy procedure this achieve this amazing result.
  20. How to backup your Microsoft Outlook. This Microsoft app creates backup copies of your .PST files at regular intervals.

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