“Hide my Files” Issue. The Easy Way

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To tell you the truth, this topic has already been covered by Web Talk, widely. You might want to read my articles on how to hide icon in the system tray, hide windows, hide folders, hide folder (2), hide programs, lock programs and lock your computer. Some of these methods involve the use of a tool which, for some user, can be a little tricky to understand. Other articles instead deal with registry keys which, for non tech-savvy people, are simply to difficult to reach and modify. Let’s see how, thanks to a simple, freeware application,  you can reply to that old question buzzing in your head: “How can I hide my private and important files?” Here is the reply!

The easy reply to the question: ” How do I hide my files” is to use a simple software called NoDrive Manager. This tool is able to conceal from view Windows logical drives by modifying the registry. Just click the drive you want to hide and you are done! Of course, in that drive you will store  private data, pictures, videos etc you want to protect from view. NoDrive Manager is very simple to use and require no special skill.

If you want to use it, click here.

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