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Qualcomm has just unveiled its brand new ebook reader which will be shipped in 2010 featuring a bright, incredible color e-ink panel. Its name is Qualcomm Mirasol.  Here is a quick list of what it sports in its case!

The new Qualcomm Mirasol features:

  • A great, bright 5.7-inch display, running at XGA 1,024 x 768 resolution and around 220ppi and capable of full color.
  • Video Playback.
  • The technology behind this color ebook reader is very simple though complex. In fact, it uses the same particles that allow a butterfly’s  wings to shimmer and bright! It uses small membrane that react to electrical charges.
  • Great battery performance.


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One Comment to “Qualcomm Mirasol Color ebook Reader”

  1. Dennis F Says:

    I didn’t have any sound, but it sure looked great. Color is usually better, except for old movies. How much does it cost?

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