How to Search for Identical Pictures

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Some months ago I spoke about a new Google Image feature which lets you search pictures by color. Similar, but more complex and more rich of features, is the web service I am going to show you which lets you search, in a couple of steps, identical pictures by using different inputs.

GazoPa is an interesting website (image search engine) by Hitachi America, which lets you look for picture alike . To start the search you can use different methods:

  • Draw. You can make a draw of the pictures you are looking for.
  • Keywords. Type a keyword of the picture.
  • Upload. You can even upload a picture of yours and GazoPa will look for others which are identical to yours.
  • Enter Image URL. Specify the url of a picture you just saw in the Internet.

Other features include shuffle (shuffle all images at our database), plug-in (Use plug-in on images at other sites), iPhone app (Use a picture and a drawing for search at iPhone).

If you want to use it, click here.

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