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If you want to add some spicy to your Windows 7, I have just found an interesting webpage offering you 8 incredible themes for Windows 7 for free! All these theme are packaged into a single file zip file which also includes the instructions and an interesting utility helping you to install them. Remember, by default Windows 7 won’t allow you to install these themes. You will need to use a tool like the one described in the package. Enjoy.

These 7 themes are published on the mediamyself.deviantart.com website. They are completely for free. Here is a list and a really short description:

Made On Windows 7 RTM (Build 7600)
Made For Windows 7 (32 Bit)
Aero Is Not Required (Basic Theme)

Color Replacement For The Windows 7 Default (Basic) Theme. This Theme Pack Includes All The Necessary Files Required To Install Any Color of Your Choosing, The Color Selection Is Large and Includes:

Blush (DONE)
Violet (DONE)
Sea (DONE)
Sky (DONE)
Slate (DONE)
Sun (DONE)
Taupe (DONE)
Twilight (DONE)

If you want to download these theme, visit this web page!

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