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While surfing on the Internet, with all the pop-up windows appearing on the screen which ask us hundreds of questions, it is quite easy to make a mistake and click Yes instead of No. And so, because of this “slip” we end up having a toolbar on our browser. Most of the times, these annoying bars do nothing else but spying or bothering us thanks to their spywares. Let’s see how to uninstall unwanted browser toolbars, including the famous, but sometimes unnecessary, Google toolbar.

Smart toolbar remover is a nice, free application which helps us remove and uninstall browser toolbars.  The way it works is quite easy. Just run it, check the box next to each toolbar you want to remove, and click Uninstall. That;s it! In a couple of seconds all the hated toolbars, including the Google one will be removed from your computer!

If you want to download it, click here.

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2 Comments to “How to uninstall Google Toolbar (and other browser toolbars)”

  1. ted Says:

    i have been trying to uninstall haminfo toolbar with no success, help please !

  2. Dennis F Says:

    Actually I use 2 extra toolbars, Google and HamInfoBar. The last one is for Ham Radio sites and contains min-apps and links that are very useful.
    I use my toolbars all the time. I would be hard pressed to go naked on the web.

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