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This is not the first time I speak about such a topic. As a matter of time, right a month ago I covered this subject by introducing to you a nice, free application letting you download in a couple of clicks your favorite Google Maps. Today I want to show you another interesting program which save your best, favorite Google maps in an easy and convenient way.

Google Map Saver is an application which does what it says! In fact, it lets you save big Google Maps on your PC in different formats such as JPEG, PNG-8, PNG-24, BMP or Targa files. This app is quite light (only ~400 KBytes) and to run it you won’t have to install anything. This means that it is a portable application which works from any USB drive!  GMS runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Google Maps Saver also contains and easy  subapplication letting you remove the Google watermark from your  Maps in three simple clicks!

If you want to know more or if you want to download it, click here.

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One Comment to “How to save Google Maps in your computer”

  1. Dennis F Says:

    Works great.

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