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If you do not have time to learn how to become a web design to make your own desktop wallpapers for your computer or if you simply  don’t want to spend a lot of bucks to buy an expensive software to make artistic pictures to decorate your PC, I have got the right solution for you! X3studios is an online wallpaper editor able to creat wallpapers in a couple of clicks!

X3Studios is a great flash online tool able to give voice to your artistic side by letting you create incredible wallpapers. There are a lot of features to play with such as texture, text, style, colors, object etc. Just relax, explore and be creative in the way you want. It is all free! Here are the simple steps to use X3Studios:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click create own wallpaper.
  3. Select the image from a list of thumbnails.
  4. Play with the options (there are a lot of options! Just experiment!)
  5. Download your creation.
  6. Done!

Looking for more stuff to be creative? have a look at these articles talking about how to create animations, create free animations and cartoons, create animated gifs, create paintings and create sketches.

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One Comment to “Make Your Desktop Wallpaper with X3Studios”

  1. Dennis F Says:

    A better place to start is x3studios.com The site in the article starts in the Wallpaper Maker. If you start at the home page you will see additional programs and explanations of each program. I’ve tried it and it very nice wallpaper. Note that this is a web-based application.

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