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I have to tell you that this online tool is quite funny! Have you ever wished to be the main subject of an important news? Have you ever wish to write a scandalous news about a friend of yours, a coworker, a family member? I know what you are thinking: ” Yes, I would but I don’t know how to write a bogus news at all”. Recently, while surfing in the Internet I have found an interesting tool able to make and generate fake news in a couple of seconds! I am talking about a real fake news generator!

WasArrested.com is one of those websites you could really get addicted to! It makes fake reports, in a professional, journalistic way, in a couple of seconds. Choose your victim, choose the story, and that’s it!

If you want to use this great fake news generator, click here.

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One Comment to “How to Make Fake News Using a News Generator”

  1. Hanif Says:

    i can’t use it.

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