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If you have been wondering what the new Google Search engine looks like and you are curious to try it out, I have got great news for you. In fact, you have to know that the new interface is already available, but well hidden in the Internet! Here is a quick hack to unveil it right on your browser!

  1. Copy this code:
  2. java script:void(document.cookie=”PREF=ID=



    path=/; domain=.google.com”);

  3. Now, open your notepad, paste the code and connect it. Basically, you have to turn these 4 rows into one. Copy it again.
  4. Go to Google.com
  5. Delete the Google address from your Browser address bar.
  6. Paste the code and press Enter.
  7. Refresh the page.
  8. Done!

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3 Comments to “Try the New Google Search Engine Now!”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    I have added a space between “java” and “script”. I confirm that it works and it is nice! The only space I see in the code is between “Java” and “script” and between “path=/;” and “domain=”
    I tried it on Firefox but it is reported that if it doesnt work on it… try other browsers.
    Clear the address bar, paste the code and hit reload on your browser.

  2. Brad Says:

    Did all that and didn’t see any difference.

  3. Web Talk Says:

    By the way, this hack works in the States only! 😉

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