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Thre are many reasons why you want to download an alternative to Windows Wordpad. The most common one is that it is not very flexible and offers you a limited set of options to play with. Whatever the reason, while browsing the Internet I have found quite a few worth alternatives to Windows Wordpad which won’t make you miss it at all!

  1. Caderno. This simple but rich of options textpad editor is similar to Microsoft WordPad, but with some nice additions, and features suited for programmers and developers. Among its features we can find: tabbing, syntax highlighting  and session manager It also allows you to open multiple documents. It supports the following formats: TXT, INI, HTML, XML, XSD, XSL, XSLT, DTD, PHP, JAVA.
  2. Notepad.NET. Do not be fooled by its name. Notepad. NET looks like Windows Wordpad more than anything else. In fact this application  is quite full of interesting features to play with such as copy and paste, new and save, different, nice fonts,  basic formatting, tabs, search and replace and print. The Interface is sleek and pleasant to see. It supports RTF, TXT, HTML.
  3. Easy Writer. This Wordpad replacement is nothing else than a text file editor allowing you to write your document easily and without a lot of ditraction. You can only open and save files only in .rtf (Rich Text Files) format but its biggest advantage is that your can actually  play audio, video and image files.

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2 Comments to “How to download free Windows Wordpads”

  1. Mark Drozd Says:

    I can’t seem to find spell check on word pad. could it be hidden on the toolbar?

  2. Dennis F Says:

    Why not try Open Office?

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